Care Information

Sheepskin is a natural material which repels dirt and has self cleaning properties but the following tips will ensure your sheepskin stays in tip top condition...

General Care and Maintenance

  • When you receive your sheepskin give it a shake outside to lift the wool and brush with a wire bristle brush - we sell brushes or you can use a pet brush.
  • Take your sheepskin outside every week or two and shake to remove any dirt or dust that has gathered, then brush. 

Washing and Spot Cleaning

  • Due to the self cleaning properties of sheepskin and the maintenance steps set out above, machine washing is not necessary or particularly advised as each sheepskin is absolutely unique, so the outcome of a machine wash cannot be guaranteed. If you do go ahead with a machine wash, use a gentle wool cycle.
  • For any particular stains, spot clean the area with a wool shampoo and use only as much water as is necessary.
  • Always dry flat, naturally and slowly - do not dry in a tumble dryer, place on a radiator, or in direct sunshine.